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Patches is 5 years old Welsh pony cross who stands 11HH. He is very stocky and I can ride him. His favourite trick is walking you into the trees to 'rub' you off his back!!!!! He loves to play fetch, and to go tobogganing...He will slide down hills on his back, run to the top of the hill again...and slide back down..I really don't think he knows he's a pony...

Here's Patches coming into the barn for the night!

KP came to me nameless. I was having troubles naming him till I got talking to Shirley Reid about how my dogs always carry him around in their mouths....She suggested KP for Kitty Puppy in remembrance of her Kitty Puppy she just lost!

Well I guess the joke was on me...KP got pregnant...and is due to have kittens soon!!!!

Jinx is now living with a family in North Bay who just love her to pieces. She was born here on the farm and has settled quite well into a city dwelling.

Chyna is presently living with a good writer friend of mine in Northern Ontario.

Here she is with her best friend Two Socks, also from our farm!

Mr. Mouse is a rescue here at Ishmael. He was dumped in our driveway and ended up going bald. He is presently growing his hair back!

Sweetie is also an abandoned cat. Oh the joys of living in the country. She is doing great and is a great mouser

Sweetie gives birth to three kittens Sat. May 27/00

This is Askem with his grandchildren!! I think he enjoys them as much as they enjoy him!

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