I just thought you all might be interested in a short story that goes with our belief that Konner is going to survive this cancer he has now. Now, we have never been really religious, but have firm belief's.

Our youngest daughter Elaine is a nurse in the United States, and when Konner first got sick she told a friend about him. Her girlfriend made a special trip and got a Rosary that a faith healer had blessed. It had been given to a man who was dying with cancer that was considered incurable. He got well...

When this friend of our daughter's uncle also got cancer, the rosary was given to him. Again he is fine now.... Elaine's friend gave her the rosary last week and she sent it to the hospital via "over night express". We were told that Konner was in remission several hours after we got the rosary.

Now the story is with what happened while it was in our keeping.

The only stipulation with the rosary is that when Konner got better we were to hold onto it and give it to someone else who really needed it. On Wed night May 26/99, a young 10 year old girl, who has had cancer for 2 years, was brought into the room across the hall from Konner. The Dad said she had only 2 weeks to live. After much discussion Kelly, Jen and I decided to give the little girl the rosary. We figured if we weren't selfish maybe it could help her too. I don't know the girls name but it would be nice if your prayers would include her too!

Now the lighter side of this story is that Konner still has part of the rosary with him! He was holding it the night of the 26th and pulled it apart at a little ring in the chain. He swallowed the little ring and ,yes it showed up in xray! Its not going to harm him in any way and he will have it with him for a while as ,Remember!!! he has a bowel blockage....I really feel that it was meant to happen this way.

I will find out next week how the girl is doing and her name. Again thank you all!!!

The Sharpe's
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