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Another message from the grandparents of Konner.....

Both the town where Konner lives and the community where we, his grandparents live, have been so good to us all. Some friends have decided to do the hair shaving thing in support for Konner. Other friends are arranging a benefit dinner later in June. The list just goes on and on. Although it seems like THANK YOU isn't enough to express how we feel at this time, we are at a loss for words,(and thats not me).

I'm sure all the prayers from around the world are helping so much too. Please continue as we have a long road to travel before we are out of the woods.

Again THANK YOU!!!!!!!


This is me now, I will be posting a picture of me after I get my head shaved bald on June 12/99 If you wish to pledge an amount please email me at Ishmael@efni.comwith the amount you wish to pledge, and your name.

I will add your name to the sponsor list:

Chantalle, my 15 year old foster daughter, is also taking this big step. Just in time for her 16th birthday!!!!

One will be taken when her head is shaven. Come back to see the after shots...

Well Well my son, Alan who is 12 years old has also decided to take the help us all out guys!!!

Dont forget..more pics when its done!!!

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