Canada Wide Sheltie Rescue

The Canadian Shetland Sheepdog Association (CSSA) now has an official rescue here in Canada.

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Meet the folks that make Sheltie land in Canada the nicest place to be!!!!

Rescue Contacts

Michelle Rogowski - Manitoba Representative
Jill Nickerson - Nova Scotia Representative

Maureen Lynch - Ontario East Representative

Anne Martin - Ontario West Representative

Gillian Kent - Ontario, North Bay area

Kim Morgan - Newfoundland Representative

Peggy Lyons - Calgary Alberta Representative

Marilyn Irvine - Victoria British Columbia Representative

sandblst@mb.sympatico.caMichelle Rogowski - Canada Wide Co-Ordinator


Presently sitting in rescue waiting for their own guardian angles

There are presently and thankfully NO shelties available in rescue as of January 1, 2000

UPDATE....Jessie passed away in her sleep on Wednesday Feb. 10/99.......

You are Sheltie Guardian Angel to wander through this haven.

Looking for a Sheltie?   See what all the sheltie Rescue Groups have available.

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